Musical Improv



Our musical improv courses will guide you through the craft of making up music on the spot, by yourself and as a group, and weaving it into your improv scenes. No musical experience or angelic voices required!

Musical Improv 1: Fundamentals


Boost your stage presence, commitment and confidence by adding some sweet and soulful tunes to your improv skills!

This course will arm you with techniques to fluidly create melodies, lyrics, and even rhymes, allowing you to make up entire songs on the spot without breaking a sweat. Use music to enhance your characters’ emotional choices, combining a little theory with practical exercises in harmony and structure.

Designed by Tom Cardy and Bridie Connell, this course is targeted at students who already have some improv experience, but does not assume any musical experience — no angelic voices required!

Students should have completed ITS Level 3 or have equivalent experience at the teachers’ discretion — please contact us to discuss.


Musical Improv is taking a break this Term. Stay tuned for updates!

Musical Improv 2: Advanced

This course helps you dig deeper into the more technical aspects of song structure, genre and how to bring characters to life musically, culminating in an end of term performance!

Musical Improv 2 course has limited places available and is application only. Please fill out this form to express your interest, and our teachers will be in touch. Entry into the course is at our teachers’ discretion, based on the skills and understanding demonstrated during Musical Improv 1.

Students should have completed ITS Level 3 or have equivalent experience at the teachers’ discretion — please contact us to discuss. Please note that completing the form does not guarantee you a place in the course.


Musical Improv 2 is taking a break this term. Stay tuned for updates!



Musical Improv Open Jams


Want to dip your toe into making up melodies?

This is a fun and friendly two hours of musical improv goodness! Expect to create spontaneous songs, hilarious lyrics, and maybe even chuck in a dance move or two.

Led by musical improviser Liam Webber and expert accompanist Nick Harriott.

No experience necessary — a perfect drop-in for improvisers who fancy a sing, singers who fancy improvising, or anyone else who wants to have a laugh.

Find out more here.

Musical Improv Advanced Jams

These drop-in sessions are an opportunity for musical improvisers to play some scenes with songs, sing some tunes, meet other players, and try some games and exercises that will keep the voice and mind warm!

These jams are for intermediate and advanced improvisers who have completed Musical Improv 1 or who have equivalent experience.


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Looking for more?

Check out our monthly musical improv shows, Baker’s Eight and Speakerbox, to get a taste of some of the silly stuff you could get up to.

Want to get your improv skills downpat first? Check out our 8-week improv courses, where you can do Levels 1–3 to be eligible for the Musical Improv: Fundamentals class.