Bring the joy of play to your organisation

Getting down to business

Improv Theatre Sydney facilitates seminars and workshops, employing the philosophies of improvisation to help your business communicate better, boost your creatives’ creativity and take your teams out of their comfort zones in a safe and enjoyable way.

Immersive and experiential, our workshops are a great opportunity for your team to challenge themselves and have fun. Our mode of play and discovery helps foster supportive environments of intuitive and uninhibited creativity, research and development, customer service, marketing, or even accounting.

All of our workshops are tailored to your specific aims and outcomes, whether you’re looking to hone communication and presentation skills, develop creative and collaborative problem-solving tools, build team trust through laughter and fun, or some combination of all of these. We can put together a bespoke program to do just that and shape it to align with your organisational values.

There’s growing recognition of the benefits improv can have for corporate culture, workplace communication, and workforce creativity, and companies are catching on quickly.

Some of our clients:


From 2-hour workshops or 2-day seminars to 6-month continued programs, we can design a module to cater to your team’s specific needs. Drop us a line below with how we can work with your business.