Facilitation, Training and Entertainment for Organisations

Improv Theatre Sydney facilitates seminars and workshops, employing the philosophies of improvisation to help your business thrive, your creatives create and your team work together as a team.

ITs provides approachable, informative training and entertainment with a focus on Innovation, Team Building, and Creativity.

We can come in, break-ice and break-up conferences with performance, highlighting core messages. In our workshops, we provide opportunities for experiential and applied learning in inter- and intra-departmental communications, change management and collaborative leadership. We also use our theatre skills and training to unlock confidence and voice in presentation.

Our mode of play and discovery helps foster environments of intuitive and uninhibited creativity that supports research and development, marketing, even accounting.

Some of our past and continuing clients include Google, CBA and Impact International. To learn more about the benefit improv can have in your workplace, click here to read about improv and corporate culture; click here to read about communications; and click here to read about creativity in the workforce.

Improv Theatre Sydney: Corporate

From 2-hour workshops, 2-day seminars to 6-month continued programs, ITs can design a module to cater to your company’s specific needs. Drop us a line below with how we can work with your business.