Looking for something more casual?


Come and try something new in a fun, low-stakes environment.

Drop-in improv for any level of improviser!

Jams are our chill one-off drop-in sessions for you to play, meet other improvisers and keep those improv skills sharp between classes.

Run by a rotating selection of ITS teachers, these sessions allow you to explore new ideas and refresh some things you already know in a fun, low-stakes environment, aimed at a range of experience levels.

Open Jams


You get better results if you hit the gym more than once a week, so why not come and hit the improv gym between classes? Or just because you can and it’s fun. This weekly jam session is an opportunity to try stuff out and play with different people in a safe space.

Open Jams are aimed at people newer to improv and play with the fundamentals of improvising. This usually means people with 0–12 months’ experience, or those who’ve completed up to ITS Level 3. But you don’t have to be an ITS student to join, all are welcome!


Got a bit more experience under your belt and wanna push yourself? Why not come and hit the advanced improv gym! These sessions take what you already know and apply it in new ways, exploring more ambitious and experimental ideas.

Advanced Jams are aimed at any improviser with at least a year’s improv experience, equivalent to ITS Level 4 and above. Non-ITS folk are more than welcome!


Musical Jams


Want to dip your toe into making up melodies?

This is a fun and friendly two hours of musical improv goodness! Expect to create spontaneous songs, hilarious lyrics, and maybe even chuck in a dance move or two.

No musical or improv experience necessary — this is a perfect drop-in for improvisers who fancy a sing, singers who fancy improvising, or anyone else who wants to have a laugh.