House Teams

What are House Teams?

House Teams are ensembles of 7–9 improvisers who have graduated from our core improv classes. They are directed (or ‘coached’) by experienced ITS teachers, rehearsing weekly and regularly performing a 25-minute improvised show in our weekly house team show ITS Big House.

Current House Teams

True to their hardware ethos, Drywall use the stage as a construction site to build unique worlds and craft rich characters. They have plied the tools in their improv toolbelt to construct a brand-new improv format, purpose-built to delight audiences with unexpected spectacular moments. Slip on your steel caps, grab a hard hat, and come watch them create something magic!

Cast: Jacqui Bramwell, Jess Fogarty, Joshua Ng, Lara Newman, Marty Quinn, Mike Crowley, Tara Sriharan, and Tyler Dias.

Coached by Jim Fishwick

They’re steamy, creamy, buttery-smooth… but never mushy. MASH perform ITS’ signature Soap Opera format which features colourful costumed characters and twists a-plenty. This team’s penchant for outrageous melodrama will having you gasping, swooning and crying (with laughter!)

Cast: Alison Cooper, Angus Yee, Ari Friedgut, Carla Field, Fiona Everman, James Kehoe, Jonah Maranan, and Susan Kernot.

Coached by Josh Magee

Marilyn makes magic with the montage format. With slick edits, larger-than-life characters, and scenes that will have you in stitches, Marilyn sets are a rollercoaster of excitement, energy, and creativity.

Cast: Davis Jensen, Declan Bird, Erin Landy, Jordy Russo, Juliet Timmerman, Kate Ingram, Nathan Roach, and Stephanie Merriman.

Coached by Hayden Wright

Cozy Fantasy have embarked on a quest to play larger than life relatable characters, impacted by small to medium events in a single location! Come curl up by the fire of their clever storytelling and sip on warm cup of sweet cozy improv.

Cast: Audrey Clark, Damien Carr, Georgina Pender, Jack Moran, Jayce Carrano, Jordana Wegman, and Maddie Atkins.

Coached by Anna Renzenbrink

How do I get on a house team?

Every 3–4 months, we run auditions for the House Team programme. If you’ve completed (or are about to complete) Level 6 at ITS, you can audition!

Auditions are announced here, in our mailing list, on our Instagram and Facebook, and in our ITS Students Facebook group.

For more information, please email the House Teams Director, Clare Cavanagh:

What’s involved in being on a house team?

Successful auditionees are placed on a Big House team for one cycle (3–4 months).

They receive weekly feedback from a dedicated coach who helps with individual as well as ensemble growth, assists the team in honing an ensemble mindset, and upskill players in areas of interest to the group such as producing shows, developing improv formats and running rehearsals.

Plus, Big House players get other perks like free standby entry to ITS produced shows, bonus Big House only workshops and more.

House team members pay a fee per cycle for the time of the coaches and the House Team Director. Scholarships and other financial support are available — please see our Inclusion Mission and Scholarships page for more.