Josh Magee

Josh (he/him) has been teaching improv since 2017. He is a co-founder of the ITS House Team program, creating its showcase show ITS Big House. He co-produces the theatre’s monthly sketch show ITS Sketchibition.

An actor, writer & comedian from Perth, Josh holds a Bachelors degree in film & performance studies with a graduate diploma in screenwriting. He has been improvising since high school where his team won the W.A. State Theatresports Competition in 2007. Josh has since developed a passion for longform improv & sketch, studying at the UCB Theatre in both L.A. & New York.

He has performed in festivals such as the Del Close Marathon, Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Improv loves: The ephemeral nature of every show, enjoyed only by the audience & performers in that one room on that one night.

Comedy hero: Paul F. Tompkins

Hobbies: Taking names, chewing bubblegum, celebrating 10 years of abstinence from kicking ass.

Favourite improv advice: Play a character who has an abundance of something rather than a lack of something.