ITS The News
ITS's monthly show where we sit down with comedians and newsmakers to break down news and current events of the day for you, while the ensemble puts it all back together.
ITS Sandpit – Every Wednesday
Kate Coates' weekly show at The Chippo Hotel, putting the cream of the ITS Student crop up on stage for some play and tomfoolery.
ITS Overboard
See sets from fresh-faced performers and seasoned improvisers alike, with some of Sydney's top talent attempting something new every month.
ITS Soap
In the style of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’, this improvised soap opera will make the twists and tales of ‘Days of Our Lives’ look G rated.
ITS Big House
You simply must come over to ITS BIG HOUSE, Improv Theatre Sydney’s first house team show on the first Friday of every month!
ITS Friday Night
It’s Friday night and it’s time to party!!! With a live band and Sydney’s best improvisors ITS Friday Night is your ticket to a good time.
April 14, 2019
Wanna try what we do? Wanna sign up for a workshop but aren't so sure? If you wanna, come for a commitment-free taste-test at Giant Dwarf. No registration necessary, just bring yourself and your ability to play for an hour.