ITS Big House
October 18, 2019
You simply must come over to ITS Big House, Improv Theatre Sydney’s house team show on the first and third Friday of every month!
ITS Soap + Smackdown
October 19, 2019
This improvised soap opera will make the twists and tales of ‘Days of Our Lives’ look G rated. Plus, the ITS Smackdown competition!
ITS The News
October 29, 2019
ITS's monthly show where we sit down with comedians and newsmakers to break down news and current events of the day for you, while the ensemble puts it all back together.
ITS Grad Shows
November 17, 2019
Our studious little angels have been working their collective butts off to be hilarious, fun, supportive and hilarious. Come see what they have been up to for the last few months in their grad shows.
ITS Comedy Festival!
November 27, 2019
Improv Theatre Sydney is celebrating five years of laughs, fun, laughter and good fun with four nights of stand-up, sketch and improv at the ITS Comedy Festival!