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Level 1: THE OFFER

Level 1 2024

Embrace your spontaneity! Find easy ways to access a free flow of ideas, reduce the fear of failure, unleash your storytelling intuition, and have a great time doing it in a supportive, low-stakes environment.

This class is great for people who are new to improv, or who are looking to refresh their improv skills with simple, basic fun.

No experience necessary!


Level 2: The Character

Level up! Take the skills you’ve already learned and use them to create interesting, funny and engaging characters, through a blend of classical theatre and modern improv techniques.

You’ll discover your characters’ quirky behaviours and innermost wants, balancing the honest and the absurd, and learn how to work with your scene partners to find the emotional crux of a scene.

This class is only open to students who have completed Level 1.

Have some improv experience under your belt from somewhere else? We hold monthly tryouts to skip Level 1 and jump straight to Level 2 as part of our Improv Tasters.


Stay Tuned – more info coming soon!

Level 2 2024

Level 3: THE STAGE

Level 3 2024

Now that we have an ensemble mindset and can create dynamic characters, let’s apply those skills to the stage! You’ll learn vital stagecraft skills, get to grips with tools and techniques that will drive your scenes forward, and explore ways to shape a multi-scene show as an ensemble.

This class ends in a performance showcase, where you can show off your sweet improv skills to impress your friends and family!

This class is only open to students who have completed either Level 2 OR the Actors Accelerator.


Stay tuned – more info to come!

Level 4: The Scene

Build your confidence in playing nuanced, relationship-driven scenes, with choices that inspire you and your partner. This class fine-tunes scene work skills, enriching our comedy with meaning through silence, connection, and emotion.

These skills will be applied to La Ronde, an iconic improv format that will feature in an end-of-term showcase!

This class is only open to students who have completed Level 3.


Stay tuned – more information to come!

Level 4 2024

Level 5: The Harold

Level 5 2024

This course lets you loose on The Harold, one of the most influential long-form formats in the world. You’ll explore how to develop themes by connecting scenes together, challenge theatrical and comedy convention, build your awareness of the group and the show, and transform your ensemble performance skills to create holistic, expansive shows.

You’ll share the outcomes of your beautiful Harold experiments in an end-of-term showcase.

This class is only open to students who have completed Level 4.


Term 4 dates are from 12 Aug – 6 Oct.

Stay tuned – more info to come!

Level 6: THE SHOW

We want to show you the world of improv, and what better way to travel than by learning a different format every week!

You’ll figure out how to find what resonates with you, define your improv style, and expand your range of performance skills.

Plus, every week you’ll perform the show you just learned in the Level 6 Weekly Showcase, right after class!

This class is only open to students who have completed Level 5.


Term 4 dates are from 12 Aug – 6 Oct.

Stay tuned – more info to come!

Level 6 2024

Actors Accelerator


ITS offers the Actors Accelerator to allow those with professional theatre training, performance and industry experience to move quickly through our program. The course combines Level 1 and Level 2 into an intensive course taught by industry professionals.

Please note this course is by application only!


Term 4 dates are from 12 Aug – 6 Oct.

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