A creative, inclusive and world-class school for students of improvisation

Who We Are

Improv Theatre Sydney (ITS) is a creative, inclusive and world-class school for students of improvisation.

Improvisation is a collaborative method of creating live spontaneous theatre that is always funny, often touching and frequently poignant.  Players conceive original scenes in the moment, spontaneously discovering ideas, relationships and worlds between them, based on a stimulus from the audience.

Improv is by its nature participatory, and is emboldened by a diversity within its audiences and performers. ITS aims to provide a space where all people can perform together, embracing the mosaic of Sydney’s multiculturalism, religious plurality, gender and sexual diversity and thriving in the plethora of ideas they provide.

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What We Offer

ITS runs a 6-level workshop series from start to festival-bound ensemble as well as specialty workshops for those with experience and one-off workshops highlighting specific skills of improv, performance and personal development.

From 2-hour workshops, 2-day seminars to 6-month continued programs, ITS can design a module to cater to your company’s specific needs. Drop us a line below with how we can work with your business.

From little ones (primary) to bigger little ones (teens), ITS will get your kids moving and shaking and creating in a fun, no-pressure environment.

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Release your inner-whatever you want. Find easy ways to access free flow of thought, trust and hone your story-telling intuition and do it all in a cozy environment, creating a core ensemble. We work with the basics of improv lord Viola Spolin’s concepts to get comfortable with the group mind. This class is great for people just starting off with improv or improvisers and actors who want to break habits and get back to simple, basic fun.

Before every term, there’s a free taster of what we do, with an opportunity to audition to head straight into level two straight afterwards. Sign up to the mailing list and our social media below to hear about it.

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