UPDATED: May 10th 2021

Thank you so much for your patience in the ever changing rules due to the latest COVID restrictions. We really do appreciate your understanding and diligence.

The latest advice is that masks are no longer compulsory for indoor recreation i.e. you will not be required to wear one in class however audiences must continue to wear masks when coming to see a show. You are still more than welcome to wear a mask in class if you would prefer. We recommend you wear a mask when arriving at ITS and while waiting for your class. Singing is also now permitted as part of a class but will be limited by our staff. These restrictions will be in place until Sunday night, May 16th at the earliest.

Please remember to check the latest COVID hotspots and if you are feeling at all unwell, please do not come to class. You can email us and we will arrange something for you.

Thanks again and stay safe!


UPDATED: June 22nd 2020


Improv Theatre Sydney is registered with the NSW government as a COVID Safe business and as such, have a management plan in place to protect ITS staff and students by minimising opportunities for exposure to coronavirus. This plan was developed in accordance with the NSW guidelines.

Entering the space and distancing in the space:

As part of your welcome email to any workshop, you’ll receive specific instructions on which room your class is in and how many people are permitted in that room. The number of people that can fit in a room fits the NSW regulations of only 4 people per sq.m. Class sizes have been kept small specifically to accommodate for the regulations.

There will also be signage on the premises to outline which classes are in which rooms and how many people are allowed in each space.

Enter your classroom only from the street-front. Do not walk throughout the premises except to your specific classroom from the street entrance.

Upon entering the space and over the course of workshops, please avoid touching, handshakes and hugging.

In classes, we will attempt to keep a 1.5m distance between all persons at all times, though it should be noted, there may be instances which don’t allow for that in the general movement of the class. All parts of the ITS curriculum that require a distance less than 1.5m, especially exercises that require touching, have been modified or removed.

Access to the toilets will not be permitted by way of any other classroom. Class breaks will be staggered between different classes on any given night in order to limit the number of people using the bathrooms at any one time.

The kitchenette including the sink, microwave and kettle will only be available to people using the bar room for their class. Please come to class with a water bottle already filled.


If you feel unwell – fever, cough, scratchy or sore throat and/or shortness of breath – do not come to class. If you do come and we notice any of these symptoms noticeable, you will not be allowed to remain on the premises. If you are showing any of those symptoms, please consider contacting your doctor to see if you should get tested at your nearest facility.

Should anyone miss more than two classes because of illness, we will allow for a deferment until the following term with receipt of a medical certificate from your doctor.

Hygiene and cleaning:

Please maintain your own effective hygiene practices. Wash your hands regularly and sneeze and cough into a tissue or, if one is not available, into your elbow.

Each room will have sanitiser and wipes for your personal use on your hands, chairs and personal property. Please use at will.

Each night, teachers will have sanitised classes so the spaces start off germ free. Please do your best to maintain that sterilisation.

Record keeping:

It is regular practice for faculty to take attendance, so keeping records of who has been to what class when is already on hand. Should anyone fall ill, we’ll easily be able to contact those who might have been in their proximity, and be able to report to the health authorities if required.

Further to that, most of the ITS faculty have the COVIDSAFE app and all have been made familiar with COVID safe policies.

For general enquiries, concerns or questions about our COVID policies, please contact us at