Schools: Helping teachers help students

All of the ITs Faculty went to high school, so we know a thing or two! More importantly, all of us work in high schools in various improv and theatre capacities so we’ve become acutely aware of how to best support teachers in finding innovative ways to approach devising projects, creating characters, analysing texts and more.

The nature of our work gives us insight beyond improvisation and into movement, mime and even crept writing.

Ravenna Gregory ITS Improv Theatre Sydney SchoolsWe’ve recently added Ravenna Gregory to the Faculty in an advisory capacity. Ravenna volunteers with ITs to help us refine our schools products and fine tune how we best serve the teachers of New South Wales. An twenty-year veteran of drama teaching working both in the UK and Australia, Ravenna is an experienced HSC marker and has been the head of drama at both elite private schools Cranbrook and The Scots College and currently at Hunt School of Performing Arts in Newcastle.

Improv Theatre Sydney also understands the importance of improv beyond theatre programs – we believe strongly that improv facilitates more creative environments, quicker thinking people and better learners. There is academic evidence to support us. So if you’re in the humanities or IT department and looking for a new way to engage your students, we also have a way to help you.


In December 2016, The ITS company directors were excited to offer the Elliott Miller Scholarship to Topi Burt, in memory of our friend and hilarious talent who was taken too soon.

Improv Theatre Sydney: Schools

From 2-hour workshops, 2-day seminars to 6-month continued programs, ITs can design a module to cater to your program’s specific needs. Contact us below to let us know how we can best support you and your students.