Tom Cardy

Tom Cardy is an improviser, performer and musician who’s love for performing and comedy can all be traced back to his love of improv from his high school days. Whilst studying psychology and music, Tom wrote and performed for several Sydney University arts revues as well as his own sell out comedy festival shows, all the while teaching improv and sketch at high schools around Sydney. In 2016, he won the Sydney University Theatresports Manning Cup.

Tom is a multi-instrumental composer, who’s love of combining comedy and music has seen him compose for the likes of SBS’ The Feed, comedians Freudian Nip, the Sydney University Revue and the award winning musical Inner West Side Story. As well as composing and teaching musical improv, Tom has also musically accompanied a variety of improv performances (Cranston Cup, Celebrity Theatresports, The Bear Pack, Impro Australia‘s Theatresports Schools Competition).

He currently writes and plays around Australia with his band, The Lulu Raes, and is the house musician for the improv/dungeons and dragons podcast Dragon Friends.