Laura Hart

Laura has been performing for over fifteen years as an actor, improviser & drag king. They are a 2020 Covid Response Grant Recipient and 2017 Young Social Pioneer with the Foundation for Young Australians – developing and sharing their improv comedy program for people with anxiety.

Laura is the founder and host of The Kings – one of Australia’s biggest drag king shows, and has performed at events such as Queerstories (Riverside Theatre), Crips & Creeps (Various), Big Thick Energy (Darlinghurst Theatre) Summer Blow Out (Comedy Republic Melbourne), FROTH (Rainbow House Melbourne), Kings (Newcastle) and A Streetcar Named Hot Tin Menagerie (New Theatre). They have been featured on outlets such as ABC TV, ABC Queer, The Audrey Journal, TimeOut Sydney, FBi Radio & JOY FM.

They recently worked as the Improvisation and Casting Director on Limitless with Chris Hemsworth (Disney+ and Nat Geo).

Laura was a member of the first ITS all-women improv troupe Confetti Gun and toured to New York to perform in the shows Queer, Far, Wherever You Are and Confetti Gun.

They hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Charles Sturt University with a major in Theatre, and have trained in improv at ITS, Impro Australia and UCB.

Laura is particularly interested in how improvisation and mental wellbeing intersect. They see humour as a tool to build resilience, and use improv as a mindfulness practice. Laura is a member of the ITS faculty and ensemble.