ITS Big House

You simply must come over to ITS Big House, Improv Theatre Sydney’s weekly house team show!

The Newlyweds

The Newlyweds are back for a month of shows just for you. All made up.

ITS Open Jams

You get better results if you hit the gym more than once a week, so why not come and hit the improv gym between classes, or just because you can and it’s fun.

ITS Advanced Jams

These improv jams are only open to folks with more than a year of improv experience. If that’s you, come play!

ITS Musical Improv Jams

Jam scenes, meet other players and pick up a few fun games and exercises to keep the voice and mind warm!

Actors Accelerator

We’re offering a course to let those with performing and industry experience to move quicker through our improv program.