Level 1: The Offer
Find easy ways to access free flow of thought, trust and hone your story-telling intuition and do it all in a cozy environment, creating a core ensemble.
Level 2: The Character
Characters are just the best! Create interesting, funny, relatable and engaging character through classical theatre and modern improv skillz.
Level 3: The Stage
Now that we have an ensemble mindset and have can create characters that we all want to see, now we work out how to make it slick on stage.
Level 4: The Harold
In this level, we get to cultivating a full longform with The Harold, a structured improvised format conceived of by Del Close and his ensemble.
Level 5: The Show
So, we’ve worked through stagecraft and character skills, we’re a tight ensemble that’s been together for almost a year now, so what's next?
Level 6: Narrative Longform
Now that you’ve got game, patterns, relationships and some acting and performance chops, you can dig deeper into genre and style and find out narrative play.
Actor’s Accelerator
ITS is offering a program to let those with performing and industry experience to move quicker through the program.
Sketch 1: Fundamentals
Working each week through different genres of sketch comedy, you’ll pull sketches apart, critique your ideas and peer through the gears and right to the very heart of the sketch; the joke.
Sketch 2: From Page to Stage
How do we make sure what we’ve written comes across on stage? How do we write for others? These are just some of the concerns addressed in this advanced sketch course.
Standup 1: Fundamentals
October 8, 2018
Put together your stand-up comedy toolbox using improvisation, storytelling, clown and writing workshops.
ITS School Holiday Fun!
October 3, 2018
Improv Theatre Sydney has a school holiday program for kids in years 1 - 3 and in years 4 - 6!
ITS Improv & Yoga Retreat
January 25, 2019
Improv Theatre Sydney is returning to Wisemans Ferry, putting on its second ever weekend retreat. Food, yoga, improv, the beautiful countryside and pals.

What happens if I miss a class?

If there is the same level of class in which you’re enrolled on offer at the same time, you’re welcome to do one make-up class. That’s limited to classes during the same semester on the same week as the missed class.

ITS has a policy of two absences before considering how you can progress in the following term. It is up to the discretion of the ITs faculty to decide on your progress from one level to the next.

Do I automatically progress through ITS levels?

To progress through the workshops, you much achieve a basis of understanding each level is meant to inculcate, as well as show a continued regard for the ensemble and the basic precept of listening positively to the rest of the class. If a student doesn’t show a continuing understanding of the levels, they may be required to repeat a level.

If any participants in the workshop are party to behaviour that is counter-productive to creating a safe and constructive workshops environment, that student may be told that continuing the workshops is not available to them. ITS has no space for jerks.

If I miss a term for whatever reason, can I just come back in where I left off?

Absolutely. People are busy and we get that life can get full. Our normal policy allows for a year of having missed the workshops before possibly being considered by the ITs faculty on what level you should return on.

Do I have to finish ITs levels in order to audition for ITS house teams?

No. It is expected that you be part of the ITS student body but you can audition at any time during or after having participated in ITS workshops. Because we have a strong relationship and keen awareness of how our students perform, we’re inclined to give people in the higher level ITS workshop preference.

What happens if I register and then decide not to continue?

If you decide not to continue with your ITS improv workshop, you’re entitled to a full refund prior to the week before your workshop started. Once your term has started, you may be entitled to have your fees deferred until the following term if you make us aware you cannot come to the workshop within the first two weeks of the term. After two weeks, your full fee will be paid towards the term you paid for.