Improv Theatre Sydney runs a 6-level workshop series from start to festival-bound ensemble as well as specialty workshops for those with experience and one-off workshops highlighting specific skills of improv, performance and personal development. Find out more in our FAQ section.

Our 2018 terms dates are:
• Term 1: Monday, January 29 – Sunday, March 25; Taster on Sunday, January 14 noon
• Term 2: Monday, April 30 – Sunday, June 24; Taster on Sunday, April 15 noon
• Term 3: Monday, July 23 – Monday, September 17 (Bank Holiday, Monday, August 6); Taster on Sunday, July 8 noon
• Term 4: Monday, October 1 – Sunday, Nov 24 (Labour Day October 1); Taster on Sunday, Sept 23 noon

If you’ve been experience any issues with booking classes, get in touch with us via our contact page. We’re working on it. Hang tight!

Public Improv Workshops

ITS levels are once a week for three hours, over eight weeks. Our next eight-week term kicks off the last week of April.

Improv for Life Skills

ITS belief firmly that improv is a lifestyle supplement. More than just a set of stage performance techniques, there are applications from sales and presentation skills to easing anxiety and building confidence.

Specialty Workshops

Specialised workshops that run during the term. Previous improv experience is usually recommended.