Steve Kimmens

Steve (he/him) has been improvising for over twenty years, starting out as one of the founding members of the Oxford Imps. He uses his improv skills as a Corporate Facilitator and Change Consultant.

Steve has a passion for long form improv from studying at iO Chicago. He has performed and directed improv shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Sydney Fringe, the Sydney Comedy Festival, the Melbourne Fringe and the Adelaide Comedy Festival. Steve has performed in Full Body Contact No Love Tennis, three Impro Melbourne 52-hour soap operas and was part of the cast for ITS A Streetcar Named Hot Tin Menagerie. His current show is Ange Postecoglu is my Dad.

Improv loves: The art of improv is to be truly in the moment, present with your fellow players, not trying to be anything else but there with them ready to play.

Comedy hero: Rama Nicholas

Hobbies: Swimming at the beach in all seasons, Tottenham supporter, and super fan of sausage dogs.

Favourite improv advice: There are no mistakes, there are only gifts!