Kelly Tagalan

From San Francisco to Sydney, Kelly has made her career all about scaling impact. As a seasoned non profit operator, Kelly comes to ITS with the purpose of helping us grow sustainably and develop our mission and purpose while driving our strategy. Kelly has a strong passion for education and innovation, is a Service Designer and is eager to help develop our offering whilst building capacity internally for growth. Noted for her penchant for taking on big ambitious goals, Kelly has been recognised for her work in the education & tech sectors as Time Out Sydney‘s 40 under 40, as a Good Design Social Innovation Finalist, The Marketing Academy 2018 scholarship recipient, and led Moonhack: Australia’s effort to get the most kids coding in a day, where she established herself as a 2x World Record setter.

She is currently a level 4 improv student, keen hobby baker and balcony gardener. She is obsessed with her floppy eared dog, Eddie.