Jim Fishwick

Jim Fishwick is an award-winning director, improvisor, teacher and writer. They began improvising at the age of seventeen with Impro Australia in Sydney, and went on to perform and teach improvisation at the University of Sydney, Impro Melbourne, Academy of Improvisation, and have been in demand as a freelance theatremaker and consultant around Australia and Aotearoa for over a decade.

They are the current Artistic Co-Director of the New Zealand Improv Festival, and the General Manager of Jetpack Theatre, who have been creating experiential, interactive, improvised and immersive theatre since 2015.

Jim loves improvisation built on presence and connection. Their current areas of practice in improv centre around format design and exploring the possibilities of the medium. In their spare time, they host the podcasts Escape Hamilton and I Get That A Lot, write for the BBC2 quiz show Only Connect, and enjoy cryptic crosswords. They think your hair looks nice.