Jeeves Verma

Jeeves has been a Sydney-based stand-up and sketch comedian, and Bunnings sausage sizzle supporter for the last 10 years. He religiously performs a new one-hour show at the Sydney and Melbourne comedy festivals every year, and hosts an annual comedy line-up show at the Sydney Fringe Festival (Cirque Désolé). As an actor, Jeeves has been involved with a number of ABC and SBS comedy projects, commercials and will pretend to be your boyfriend at family events (no refunds).

His passion for improvised comedy lead to a long-term committed relationship with ITS: starting as a student, graduating levels 1 to 6; to being a member of the ITS Big House teams (Inside Scoop and Improv Theatre Kidney) and becoming a faculty member.

Jeeves studied medicine once upon a time and chose to leave his medical career in pursuit of the “best medicine”. He is a beautiful idiot but as the Herald Sun once correctly identified, “there’s something endearing about this mustachioed teddy bear of a man.”

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