Bellatrix Scott

Bellatrix has a background of specialist dance training at Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (super strict ballet stuff) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from QUT (super serious drama stuff). She has worked as an actor touring Shakespeare with Shake and Stir Theatre Co, performed in plays across Queenlsand and NSW, and has a portfolio of short/independent film work under her belt.

She came across improv when, in a masterclass, Hollywood-famous acting coach Larry Moss said, “you Aussies need to loosen up and do some improv”. Bellatrix said, “but where?!”, to which everyone retorted, “IMPROV THEATRE SYDNEY!”….once signed up, she couldn’t really get enough. She’s a proud member of house teams Chefs’ Kiss and Good Overall, and after doing all the levels – including the stand up segment – she still finds there’s so much gold in the classes worth returning for.

I interviewed Bella recently and she word for word said: “Improv Theatre Sydney is the most welcoming community I have ever been a part of, and doing improv is the most fun I’ve ever had.” Bellatrix is currently interested in applying her passion for live comedy to solving the climate crisis, no joke. She’s excited to share some of the huge takeaways and hot tips she’s been gleaning from her 2.5 years with ITS and 20 + years of performing. (Calisthenics concerts count.)