ITS Chef’s Kiss!

At the beginning of 2019, faculty members Zoë Rae and Josh Magee, launched the ITS House Team program with two teams (Chef’s Kiss & Inside Scoop) performing monthly shows at ITS Bighouse. The program has proven to be such a major success that there are now four house teams and the shows have gone bi-monthly. 

ITS chats to Zoë Rae, coach of Chef’s Kiss, and team member Patrick Lenton ahead of their Sydney Fringe debut.

For the unitiated – what’s a house team? 

Zoë: A house team is made up of Improv Theatre Sydney graduates, who are selected after an audition process. Each team is curated and coached, performing regularly at our monthly show ITS Big House.

Patrick: Some say a house team is like when all the planets align, or someone gives birth to octuplets, or when a butterfly flaps its wings and causes a great show to happen in China. Others say that it’s more like when an improv school holds auditions amongst their graduates to form a team of 8-10 people who then practice and perform improv comedy together on a regular basis. Who can say?

What have you noticed about yourself and your ensemble after performing and jamming with the same group for months? 

Patrick: Well, we’ve all gotten much better! I’ve noticed that I’m a lot calmer on stage, because I’m able to trust everyone I’m on with explicitly.

What makes Chef’s Kiss distinct?

Zoë: They’re currently the longest running house team at ITS, having done the most shows. They’re also all very good looking, which is not an easy feat in the improv comedy world.

What has the feedback been like from audiences who attend ITS Big House? 

Zoë: Chef’s Kiss have earned a reputation for their joyful silliness; their playful scenes. They’ve formed a bond as a team that really shows off the magic of improv, they’re able to bounce off each other’s ideas and offers in a way that is incredibly entertaining to watch.

What can people expect from a Chef’s Kiss show?

Patrick: Mostly just some loveable idiots who enjoy having fun together and being really silly. And also some complicated, 4D level improv techniques.

The cast of Chef’s Kiss includes Alex Selby, Bella Scott, Chelsea Zeller, Jasmin Galper, Luke Heywood, Michelle Robin, Patrick Lenton and Sam Kluge. You can catch them at the Factory Theatre on the 21st & 22nd for the Sydney Fringe (TIX HERE) or at their regular ITS Big House shows.

Patrick Lenton is an author and the Entertainment editor at Junkee. Follw him on twitter via @patricklenton.

Zoë Rae is an ITS faculty member, ensemble member, writer and film-maker. Follow her work at

CHEF'S KISS: Sam Kluge, Luke Heywood, Patrick Lenton, Alex Selby, Jasmin Galper, Michelle Robin, Chelsea Zeller, and Bella Scott