ITS at the Sydney Fringe 2019

The Sydney Fringe is a wonderful time for artists both established and emerging to perform their latest works. We’re thrilled that so many of them happen to be part of the ITS family (staff, student, grads, regular collaborators) so we wanted to supply you with a handy list so you can find them all.

Why do so many Fringe performers happen to be from Improv Theatre Sydney? We suppose ITS something in the water.

Presented by Improv Theatre Sydney

A Streetcar Named Hot Tin Menagerie

The Magnificent Finger Gunners

Chef’s Kiss – Molto Bene

Featuring ITS Faculty


Clare Cavanagh & Juliet Timmerman – Come Live with Us!

Dan Pavatich – Stick a Fork in Me, I’m Dan

Jen Mackie and Maddie Parker – Live. Laugh. Love.

Splash – Splash Can!

Kate Coates – Rats!

The Original Cast of Cats

Friends of Improv Theatre Sydney

Ahmed Zub – Kebab Tonight

AJ & Isaac

Alex Reynolds & Lily Star – Working it Out

An Hour of Power

Ange Lavoipierre & Natalie Synnott- What is the Meaning of This

Bec Melrose – Big Dolphin Energy

Belinda Anderson-Hunt – Sad Songs – Trial Show

Beth McMullen – Obstinate Little Tart

Beth McMullen – Why Am I Still Single?

By The Water Cooler: A Sydney Fringe Festival Escape Room

Cirque Désolé

Cleo – Queerly Beloved

Concetta Caristo – Loose

Dipskit – Sketch Comedy

Eleanor Stankiewicz: Nanna-Stasia

Hayden Wright – Confounded! A Comedy Quiz

I Know, I Was There! with Matt and Damian


Jeromaia – Eu Geenius – Uplate with Eu-geen!

John Robles and Concetta Caristo – Get Over It

Jordan Raskopoulos – Renaissance Hydra

Liam McMahon and Mates

Maddy Bee & Hayden Wright – Great Job

Matty Finn – Amused & Confused

Michael Hing – Burn it All Down (A Trial Show of Sorts)

Mitch Garling & Rachael Millanta – Always Check Your Eggs

Noodle Girls – Wigging Out

So You’ve Been Framed for Murder

Unplanned Melodies

Zoë Sitas – Sorry Maybe Please If Possible

A Streetcar Named Hot Tin Menagerie
The Magnificent Finger Gunners
Chef's Kiss - Molto Bene