Story Fundamentals ONLINE

This course offers a thorough introduction to the primary elements of storytelling for the page and screen. In this course, we will delve into the essentials, with multiple case studies and explorations.

In four lessons over four weeks, this course will cover:

  • World-building
  • Character development (status, relationships, protagonist vs. antagonist and more)
  • Story arcs
  • Conflict and stakes
  • Dialogue
  • Theme and genre
  • Structure

This course is suited to those embarking on their writing journey, and more established writers wanting to refresh their knowledge and connection to storytelling.

Please note: This course will not be covering practical elements, such as formats and techniques. The course is focused on the fundamentals of strong storytelling and how to connect to your characters and story as a writer.

Amal Awad is a journalist, author, screenwriter and performer. In 2020, she was the recipient of Screen Australia funding for her TV series, Over My Dead Body. She is also currently attached as a writer to The Sienna Felix Files (Buster Productions), and has participated in numerous writers’ rooms as a screenwriter with some of Australia’s top production companies. In 2019, Amal was selected to participate in Screen Australia’s Developing the Developer program. This year, she was selected for Cinespace‘s Package to Pitch program. Amal is the author of two novels, with a third due for publication in 2021, and has three non-fiction books published, with a fourth due out in February 2021. She has contributed to such publications as Frankie, Meanjin, Going Down Swinging and ELLE, and for online portals Junkee, Daily Life, Sheilas, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Vine and Screen Australia. She has presented workshops and appeared on panels around Australia, for writers’ festivals, as well as special events such as All About Women, and Women of Letters at the Antidote Festival.

Amal is a wonderful guide into story, character and the drive behind our storytelling. Her course was immersive, rich and incredibly insightful. She helped me re-discover the joy of creating stories again – a lifelong gift! Thank you Amal!” – Randa, student

I really enjoyed the Introduction to Story course run by Amal. I got so much from listening to her impart her extensive knowledge and watching her effortlessly dissect hidden meaning in the participants‘ ideas, which she would then assist to develop. At the end of the course I had lots of ideas to move my own stories along.” – Barry O, student

It was a delight to truly understand how Amal does what she does on a deeper level and it has certainly inspired me to dive deeper into the world of expression on paper of my own life story. Who knew so much goes into writing, from behind the actual scenes. Amal is full of knowledge and that’s evident in the content we covered.” – Margaret, student

This class really got me thinking about how I could structure my ideas, I got a lot out of it. Amal is an amazing teacher! I definitely recommend this class.’ – Ryan, student

This ITS online course runs for four weeks, and meets once a week online for 3 hours.

This course is capped at 10 people per class.

Registration is $300.

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Thursday 2020 - General price ONLINE CLASS $300.00 (AUD)