Sketch 2: The Writers Room

How do we make sure what we’ve written comes across on stage? How do we write for others? How does a sketch show come together? These are just some of the concerns addressed in this advanced sketch course. Each week is designed to simulate the experience of a professional writer’s room, you’ll pitch, write and edit a sketch every single week, in class! It’s some high octane good times, as you hone your skills and develop your style as a writer. Over eight weeks you’ll build your portfolio of sketches before putting your best sketch forward for a live recording of a sketch podcast!

The ITS sketch program has been developed by Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd (Tonightly, The Project) Carlo Ritchie (Tonightly), Penny Greenhalgh (Hughesy We Have A Problem, The Checkout) and Dan Pavatich (ITS Sketchy at Best). They have a vast knowledge of sketch that’s helped them write and perform shows at all the major comedy festivals in Australia as well as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and consistently for Australian television.

All ITS term improv workshops are eight weeks long, and meet once a week for three hours.

This course is capped at 12 students per class.

Registration is $460.


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