Level 6: The Show

We’ve worked through stagecraft and character skills, we’re a tight ensemble that’s been together for a year now, we’ve performed the benchmark of long form improvisation, The Harold, so what’s next? Level 6 is about finding your form. We take everything you’ve done so far and mix it with everything you like about, well, everything. We examine many different long form formats and explore as many possibilities as time allows – narrative long forms, thematic explorations, directed pieces, set character pieces, free form jazz comedy, whatever – and we mix it with the collective styles and tastes found in the group to play derivative of everything we know up to this point, challenging what we want to play with and picking what we really like. Plus, every week you’ll perform the format you’ve learned that week in the FREE Level 6 Weekly Showcase right after class!

NOTE: This class is only open to students who have completed Level 5: The Harold.

This class runs for nine weeks; eight weeks of classes with FREE post-class performances each week, followed by a grad show in the ninth week.

Classes meet once a week for 2.5 hours, showcases run for 45 minutes.

Registration is $500 / $460 concession.


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