ITS Smackdown Heats

Teams of improvisers have only a set time to do whatever they want to compete for IMPROV SUPREMACY. The winners are chosen by the audience and get the chance to play in the Grand Final at the ITS Comedy Festival.

Past winners include Wine Mums (Jen Mackie and Maddie Parker), Snake Pit (Concetta Caristo, John Robles and Maddie HW), Quad Bike (with Orya Golgowsky) and PattyKate (with Kate Coates)!

Clockwise Umbrella (Rachel Raskopoulos, John Glover, Jordan Russo, Maddie Atkins, Sophie Long) VS
Stevo’s Stag Night 2021 (Orya Golgowsky, Bridie Connell, Clare Cavanagh) VS
ASMR (Alex Reynolds, Steph Ryan, Maddy Bee, Ru Halwala)

The Pigeon Problem (Fernando Polo Valarezo, Andrew Smith, Sophie Long, Lauren Donikian, Nishita Merchant) VS
Doggie Barko (Jacqui Duncan, Jai Hashim, Levi Meltzer, Tim Dunk) VS
Mug & Mayhem (Shane Porter, Hayden Wright)

Unplanned Melodies (Kate Knott, Alex Williams, Madeleine Stokes) VS
Underqualified (Jordana Wegman, Lara Newman, Tyler Dias) VS
It’s Tuesday! (Sophie Long, John Glover, Rachael Colquhoun-Fairweather, Ochre Pastro, Akila Amaratunga, Harry Watkin)
with musical accompaniment by Nick Harriott!

8pm at Improv Theatre Sydney
Tickets $10 / $5 ITS students

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