Sketch 2: The Writers’ Room

How do we make sure what we’ve written comes across on stage? How do we write for others? How does a sketch show come together? These are just some of the concerns addressed in this advanced sketch course. Each week is designed to simulate the experience of a professional writer’s room, you’ll pitch, write and edit a sketch every single week, in class! It’s some high octane good times, as you hone your skills and develop your style as a writer. Over 8 weeks you’ll build your portfolio of sketches before putting your best sketch forward for a live recording of a sketch podcast!

The ITS sketch program has been developed by award winning sketch writers Penny Greenhalgh (Orange is the New Brown, Hughesy We Have A Problem) and Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd (Tonightly, The Project, Sketchy at Best) with Carlo Ritchie (Tonightly) and Dan Pavatich (Sketchy At Best).

Event Details

Wednesdays - Term 1 2020
15 Jan - 4 Mar
6.30 - 9.30pm

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