Sketch 1: Fundamentals

In this fundamentals of sketch writing, you’ll build sketches from the ground up. Working each week through different genres of sketch comedy, you’ll pull sketches apart, critique your ideas and peer through the gears and right to the very heart of the sketch; the joke.

Developed by Tonightly’s Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd, the curriculum takes you through the different styles of sketch writing from his experience as the director and founder of ITS Sketchy-At-Best, his years of television experience, his lessons learned from his time spent workshopping with Second City, UCB, Groundlings and his general and vast knowledge on sketch that’s seen him put on shows at all the major comedy festivals in Australia as well as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This sold out the last time it ran due to high popularity, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.

This term is taught by Carlo Ritchie.

Event Details

Mondays Term 2 2019
29 Apr - 24 Jun (Queen’s Birthday 10 June)

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