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Patti Stiles at Improv Theatre Sydney ITS


Improvisers who inspire, surprise and delight their partners are the most fun to play with.  How do they do this magic? This workshop explores exercises and techniques to help you delight, surprise and inspire your partner. How to change them, affect them and watch them light up!



Status is an essential tool for every improviser. Understanding status and how to play it gives the improviser the tools to build tension or create comedy.  On stage relationships look void of any really connection when status play is not present.  All great comedy duos are in constant status play. This workshop may involve being hit by balloons.


Patti is an actor, improviser, director, instructor and playwright whose been working professionally in theatre since 1983. She served her theatre apprenticeship at the world renowned Loose Moose Theatre and was trained by Keith Johnstone. She  has an infectious enthusiasm for improvisation. Mix this with her insightful improvisation technique, strong narrative skill and her spirit of play, and it is no wonder she is responsible for inspiring many hundreds of people to improvise. Her understanding of Johnstone’s work and philosophy, combined with her own discoveries and her wealth of experience on the world impro stage, has made her a “must have” teacher for performers and companies wishing to create spontaneous theatre with fine skill, strong narrative, heart and elegant style.

Patti has taught and performed in North and South America, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, UAE and the Oceania region for numerous improvisation companies, festivals, and theatre schools and in the corporate arena.

Patti is co-Artistic Director of Impro Melbourne (AU), Artistic Director in residence of Improverket (SW), a founding member of the award winning Die Nasty – improvised soap opera (CA), a member of the ITI Artistic Committee (CA) and past of Rapid Fire Theatre (CA). Her tutelage was a spark of inspiration for the birth of London’s Spontaneity Shop and groups such as Smoking Sofa (FR), B.L.U.E – the musical (IT) and the award winning Austentacious (UK) ask Patti to train them on a regular basis.

Adding to her list of credits are three nominations for an Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award, plus she holds the unofficial record for being the first female to improvise for 53 hours in a row in the famous Die Nasty soap a thon.

The Canadian press has given her the titles “Impro Doyen” and “Queen of Improvisation”.

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Saturday, 16 November
10am - 1pm

Sunday, 17 November
10am - 1pm

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    November 16, 2019