Meegwai Workshops

Painting Yourself Into A Corner

How can we use words to lead us to a more detailed, richer scenic world? Can we elevate our goofy ‘make ‘em ups’ to a level of poetry? This workshop explores the use of language as a way to heighten narrative as well as a way to create engaging and authentic characters.

Meegwai Comedy Lab

Stand Up comedy has long been thought of as a solo art, but in this day long workshop we will work along side you in exploring your authentic voice and digging deeper into your own personal comedy. We do this through the joys of group discovery, and leaning into the interplay between artist and audience. We combine improvisation, clown, and theatre techniques to uncover the risks and play within comedy.
This workshop is great for any experience level and any comedic discipline.

Meegwai are internationally recognised, respected improvisation teachers and performers that use a unique 2 teacher technique that focuses their combined 50 years of experience on each comedian. Meegwai works hard to be welcoming to all and celebrates safe, diverse, and inclusive spaces to grow together as a comedy community. Find out more about Derek and Michi Flores here.

Event Details

Painting Yourself Into A Corner
Monday, 2 December
6:30pm - 9:30pm

Meegwai Comedy Lab
Saturday, 7 December
10am - 5pm (1 hour lunch)

  • Start
    December 2, 2019