Level 4: The Scene

You’ve developed your sense of ensemble and sharing the stage with a troupe in level one, in level two, you came to realise what ITS thinks about character and relationships, then in level three, you’ve honed the craft of the stage and played your first grad shows with snappy comedic scenes, quick edits, tight patterns and game play. Now it’s time to settle down and fine tune our scenework so that we’ve got it all in play to make longer formats meaningful in their comedy, using the relationships and craft already under our belts. Focusing on 2 person scenes, each week you will build your confidence on the stage, using silence, scene work and emotion to make choices that inspire you and your partner. This level culminates with the long form format known as “La Ronde”.

This course is capped at 12 students per class. 

Grad Shows are scheduled for the 11th and 12th of March.

NB: You need to have completed the previous levels to be eligible for this class

Event Details

Mondays Term 1 2020
13 Jan - 9 Mar (Public Holiday 27 Jan)

Tuesdays Term 1 2020
14 Jan - 3 Mar

Thursdays Term 1 2020
16 Jan - 5 Mar

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