Level 1: The Offer

Release your inner-whatever you want. Find easy ways to access free flow of thought, trust and hone your story-telling intuition and do it all in a cozy environment, creating a core ensemble. We work with the basics of improv lord Viola Spolin’s concepts to get comfortable with the group mind. This class is great for people just starting off with improv or improvisers and actors who want to break habits and get back to simple, basic fun.

Before every term, there’s a free taster of what we do with an opportunity to audition to head straight into level two straight afterwards. Sign up to the mailing list and our social media below to hear about it.

Our next term starts in Sept 23. There will be a free taster noon on Sunday, 8 September at ITS 44-54 Botany Rd, Alexandria.
There will be another before every term.

The ITS curriculum is progressive. Level one focuses on simple creativity and group mind; Level two works on creating scenes through strong character choices and relationships; Level three takes your scenework and puts them on top of strong stagecraft (and is the first level to have a student performance); Level four is a complete performance in the ITS iteration of the Harold, the foundational longform improv that has it all; Level five uses all previous levels, works on different longform styles and explores formats and ways of playing. There are extension levels that work beyond the levels 1 to 5, on particular skills and techniques.

All ITS term improv workshops are eight weeks long, and meet once a week for three hours.

Event Details

Mondays - Term 4 2019
Sept 23 - Nov 18 (No class Labour Day, Oct 7)

Tuesday - Term 4 2019
Sept 24 - Nov 12

Thursday - Term 4 2019
Sept 26 - Nov 14

Sundays Term 4 2019
Sept 29 - Nov 17
1pm - 4pm

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