A Very Merry Chr-ITS-mas!
December 17, 2019
Come and celebrate another wonderful year with our last Giant Dwarf show for 2019... and this one's a musical!
Meegwai Workshops
Special guest workshops with Meegwai: internationally recognised, respected improvisation teachers and performers Derek and Michi!
ITS Open Jams
You get better results if you hit the gym more than once a week, so why not come and hit the improv gym between classes, or just because you can and it’s fun.
ITS Big House
December 6, 2019
You simply must come over to ITS Big House, Improv Theatre Sydney’s house team show on the first and third Friday of every month!
Standup 1: Fundamentals
January 15, 2020
Put together your stand-up comedy toolbox using improvisation, storytelling, clown and writing workshops.
Sketch 2: The Writers’ Room
How do we make sure what we’ve written comes across on stage? How do we write for others? These are just some of the concerns addressed in this advanced sketch course.
Sketch 1: Fundamentals
Working each week through different genres of sketch comedy, you’ll pull sketches apart, critique your ideas and peer through the gears and right to the very heart of the sketch; the joke.
ITS Improv & Yoga Retreat
January 25, 2019
Improv Theatre Sydney is returning to Wisemans Ferry, putting on its second ever weekend retreat. Food, yoga, improv, the beautiful countryside and pals.
Actors’ Accelerator
ITS is offering a program to let those with performing and industry experience to move quicker through the program.
Level 4: The Scene
Now that you’ve got game, patterns, relationships and some acting and performance chops, you can dig deeper into genre and style and find out narrative play.