2019 Term dates

Term 1 : 29 Jan – 26 Mar, taster at 12noon on Sunday, 13 January
Term 2: 29 Apr – 20 Jun, taster at 12noon on Sunday, 14 April
Term 3: 15 July – 2 Sept, taster at 12noon on Sunday 7 July
Term 4: 23 Sept – 1 Nov, taster at 12noon on Sunday 8 September at ITS, 44 Botany Road, Alexandria

All terms run for eight weeks, with three-hour workshops one night of the week, or one afternoon in the weekend, with the exception of one-off and specialty workshops.

Level 1: The Offer
Find easy ways to access free flow of thought, trust and hone your story-telling intuition and do it all in a cozy environment, creating a core ensemble.
Level 2: The Character
Characters are just the best! Create interesting, funny, relatable and engaging character through classical theatre and modern improv skillz.
Level 3: The Stage
Now that we have an ensemble mindset and have can create characters that we all want to see, now we work out how to make it slick on stage.
Level 4: The Harold
In this level, we get to cultivating a full longform with The Harold, a structured improvised format conceived of by Del Close and his ensemble.
Level 5: The Show
So, we’ve worked through stagecraft and character skills, we’re a tight ensemble that’s been together for almost a year now, so what's next?
Actor’s Accelerator
ITS is offering a program to let those with performing and industry experience to move quicker through the program.
ITS School Holiday Fun!
October 1, 2019
Improv Theatre Sydney has a school holiday program for kids in years 1 - 3 and in years 4 - 6!
WXYZ jams for females and non-binary players
August 31, 2019
This is a safe and fun space to jam with other folks who identify as female and NB. It’s a great chance to work on your skills and get your reps up. Jams are on every fortnight at ITS – Improv Theatre Sydney. You don’t have to be an ITS student to join! Regular host...